Leather Information

Leather Information
Leather gloves are a favorite among workers in various industries because of the material’s durability, life span and abrasion resistance. But different hides will have distinct benefits. You need the right composition of materials and construction for your Safety.


Cowhide is the most popular leather because it is easy to maintain. Cowhide has a great value for texture, appearance, durability and comfort.

Split Leather

Split Leather is one of the softest leathers available and will conform to your hand for improved flexibility. A lightweight leather and won’t overheat your hand compared to other types of leather.


Sheepskin is the softest and most comfortable leather. This delicate, lightweight leather provides optimal dexterity and touch sensitivity.

Buffalo Leather

Buffalo is known for its superior abrasion resistance, being extremely rugged, durable and strong. Buffalo leather also resists puncture better than most types of leather and is considered very breathable.


Goatskin is often considered nature’s strongest leather thanks to its high tensile strength and abrasion-resistant properties. It has an excellent tear resistance even though it is thin. The natural oil content makes goatskin soft and pliable.


Where the leather comes from matters as much as the type of leather.

Side-split leather
The most durable and best quality but will also be the most expensive.

Shoulder-split leather
Good durability and is slightly more economical than side split.

Belly-split leather
The most economical option but will be the least durable cut of leather.

Leather Grain

Grain Leather
After the hide has been split into layers, the outer layer of leather is called grain (or top grain). Grain leather is more expensive than split leather because of its appearance. Since it’s more aesthetically appealing, grain leather is usually used for upholstery or fashion, like wallets or shoes.

Split Leather
Split leather is the leather that remains once the outer layer has been removed. This economical leather is coarser and has higher resistance to abrasion because of how the dense fibers lock together. This cut of leather will also be more repel water better than grain leather.