Gardening Gloves

  • The gardening tool that fits like a glove. Digging gloves for today’s gardener. Designed – by gardeners for gardeners. Patent pending comes in three women’s sizes: s – m – l. Medium (size 8) is the most popular size. See sizing chart. Claws are sleek and permanently attached with low voc eco- friendly adhesive. Claw tips are designed for digging and are not sharp enough to cut anyone. Holding tools like trowels or pruners is easy as dexterity is not compromised. Three fingers are best! We have developed these gloves since 2011 and the three finger configuration has proven to give the best results as opposed to the 4 or 5 finger models. When the thumb has claws dexterity is compromised… & the pinky finger is not ideal for digging. Our philosophy – go with what works. ~ Features & benefits: – “ease of use” technology (patent pending) – reduces the stress on your fingers by leveraging your hand strength instead of using the weaker part of your fingers. – This is a unisex product & fits both men & women (men’s sizes go up to a medium size 9). See sizing chart picture for size selection. – Claws are durable. Made of abs material. – Glove is made of nitrile for increased grip & rinses of easily. – Waterproof all the way up to the knuckles. – Breathable stretchy fabric is breathable on the back side of the hand. – The cuff fits snug & prevents the dirt from entering the glove. – Sustainable materials

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