Leather Apron

  • I first set eyes on these leather aprons last year when a group of Dutchmen sporting impressive moustaches and even more impressive knife belts unveiled the collection. They looked like characters from a movie about healthy outdoor living and they were all wearing the cognac apron which is a most handsome thing. On closer examination I realised that they had achieved the Holy Grail of design and created something that is the very best of its kind. Considered, quality, timeless and practical this is a ‘once in a lifetime’ purchase as the apron will get even better with age and become as comfortable as an old friend. It is, in my opinion, the finest apron in the world and will work as well for the barbecue enthusiast, the casual Sunday roaster and the Cordon Bleu Chef.

    Available in Mens and Womens, which are slightly shorter and more shapely.

    76 x 62 x 0.25 cm

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